Laser skin resurfacing is an effective method for reducing wrinkles, acne scars, age spots and blemishes. It is equally effective in balancing skin tone and texture. There are several different types and brands of laser devices. Each has its own unique characteristics and purpose. The different names, categories and ratings can be a challenge to keep up with, even for those in the field and are positively overwhelming for the general consumer. Generally, we characterize a laser device by the light wavelength it emits. This determines which targets in the skin will absorb it. Longer wavelengths penetrate deeper. Secondly, the device’s pulse width is the rate at which it delivers the beam to the target area. Swifter pulses are more desirable for smaller targets.

Therefore, to simplify things, the size and characteristics of the target area inform the technician as to device selection. Direct the proper wavelength at the appropriate rate and only the target becomes focally hot, causing it to break down and vaporize. Rather than get caught up in the technical specifications, schedule a consultation with one of our dermatologists, or highly trained laser technicians. They will examine your areas of concern and recommend the right treatment to help you achieve your goals.

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