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We have a lot of happy patients at DermPartners and they love telling us about their experience! Here is just some of the positive feedback we get each week.We’d love to hear your thoughts as well. We always strive to put our patients first, and are always working to improve. Feel free to get in touch and let us know what we did great and what we could do better!

You guys are all amazing the girls from the front and the gentleman . To the girls in the room. Dr topper is great. Sue is amazing. Also the girl at the desk Maria O is just a great girl and so helpful.



Boca Raton

Love this office. Love Dr Topper. Kind, patient, knowledgeable and efficient. Always on time. Staff very pleasant.



Coral Springs

There is nothing better than being in the best possible hands of Dr. Fiedler. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, immaculate office and superior products.




After years of my wife and daughter paying occasional visits to Dr Jodi Fiedler, I decided to have a couple dermatology associates concerns checked. Her impeccable professional disposition, thorough examination and simple to understand guidance and recommendations, places Dr. Fiedler at the top of our family’s list of trusted medical professionals. Great office staff…. Thank you!



Dr.Topper has cared for me and my family for many years. She is extremely caring a and attentive!




Delray Beach

Dear Dr. Topper,

Thank you for taking such extraordinary care of me and my family. Your thoughtfulness and generosity will always be remembered.


Boca Raton

Dear Dr. Fiedler and Staff,
I want to say a Big Thank You for the treatment I got at your office today, in fact, every time I come to see you! (16 years!!!). You and your staff are great. I feel good and look so much better thanks to you! Thanks to all the nurses – I forget names – here are a few: Linda J, Sue, Ester, Nicole, Maria – and everyone!

Micki R


I have been in the healthcare field for 48 years. This is one of the most professional practices I have ever utilized. Every detail from history through care is meticulous! Dr. Topper and her staff are the very best!

- Ed

Dr. Fiedler will solve your skin problems no matter what your age or skin issue. She is fantastic and the follow up care and instructions are handed to you so no confusion. I wish all Doctors were like her!

- Susan

I love Dr. Topper! Her bedside manner is incredible, as well as being an outside of the box diagnostician.  She is an active listener, making you feel heard. She ensures you understand her diagnosis and treatment plan. She earnestly wants you to email her on your progress. Additionally, she encourages you to contact her 24/7 with your concerns. The front office is aware of your name and is informed/proactive in ensuring you are given VIP status.  

After 20 years of experiencing unexplained hives and subsequent systematic auto-immune reactions, I found an empathetic, insightful, and  outside of the box thinker that  quickly and aggressively provides urgent care while being an attentive listener to ascertain what was in my best interest and patiently but clearly explains options. Dr. Topper  is a patient advocate. She allows the patient to be an active participant in their healthcare.  She presented options but she listened to my story of “highly resistant full body eruptions”, she understood the next step was the ER. She called ahead to ensure my prompt treatment and followed my progress while in the ER. Subsequently, she sincerely encouraged me to update her on my progress before the ER and when she was out of the office over the holiday. It was comforting to know she was genially available and concerned. She promptly answered emails with empathy and medical advice.

Given I was a “daily return” patient for a few days, the office, nurse, and doctor daily followed up on my status. I was comforted to know I was able to contact them at any time. It was recognized that I was not a routine patient or a neurotic one. Instead, they were highly empathetic to my severe reaction and only wanted to help me. The follow up and concern was amazing from the appointment through check out.  The kindness and concern is evident by the lack of charge for daily emergency appointments.

Dr. Topper is exceptional! The topical she prescribed is the first one to actually cure the rash/hives. Her proactive approach to my auto-immune response saved me weeks of intense discomfort and weeks of unsightly skin even after the reaction was gone. She remains supportive as I peruse the ALCAT teat to determine intolerances/insensitivities to food, chemicals, etc. It was refreshing to know there was an avenue to pursue to identify possible root causes of full body hives and/or sunburn. AWWW!!! 

I highly recommend Dr. Topper! She will listen and work with you to develop a plan to address your dermatological concerns

- Donna S.

Parkland, FL

I have lived in Boca Raton for almost 30 years and have visited many doctors since moving here with my husband in 1983. Shari Topper seems to be a very rare breed of doctor…skilled doctor with a sense of care and caring for her patients. She is true to her word and stands behind her cosmetic procedures. I am very happy to be a patient of hers and I have utter trust in her ethics and the caring nature of her staff.

Boca Raton, FL

Doctor Topper and Doctor Fiedler both looked at my skin – which unfortunately has seen too much beach time in my 45 years – and prescribed … I am really happy with the outcome and it was a great experience …

As a man, it can be daunting to be the only guy in the waiting room. You imagine everyone sees you as overly concerned about your vanity. But let’s face it – no pun intended – this isn’t just about being more successful in the singles scene. It’s a tough job market and everyone is judged on the freshness and energy they put forward, even if the other person doesn’t realize they are judging. Doctor Fiedler made me totally comfortable about addressing my forehead and crow’s feet … Three days after coming for botox treatment, my wrinkles vanished and my confidence soared. My expressions look so natural, no frosen look whatsoever, and I’ve been more successful at winning new client deals. Thank you Dr. Fiedler!

My whole life has been deeply affected by severe acne. Doctor Topper addressed my problem but first she listened to how important this was to me and then she suggested a strong treatment with some possible side effects, given the severity of my acne. Viola! Etc…

When I noticed the odd patch of skin on my forehead, my GP dismissed this as a mosquito bite that healed poorly. Finally I came to see DermPartners, and they immediately decided to biopsy it. Coming in was a fortunate move; it was indeed skin cancer and was treatable

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