Pediatric Dermatology

The best pediatric dermatologist is one who not only has the experience to accurately diagnose and treat the problem, but who has the patience and demeanor to make your kids feel comfortable and safe.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our children can be more vulnerable to skin conditions than adults. Children aren’t just smaller versions of us and children’s dermatology requires a special approach. They sometimes struggle to say what’s bothering them and they often experience difficulty answering medical questions. Unfamiliar surroundings with big scary equipment can make them even more hesitant.

Dr. Topper and her daughters
Dr. Fiedler and her sons

When a skin problem does arise, you need a medical team with a delicate approach and years of experience – one that knows kids. Dr. Fiedler and Dr. Topper are both moms who have seen and treated it all. We treat children every day for common childhood skin problems like rashes, eczema, warts, acne, and molluscum. Our comfortable, wi-fi enabled facility will help to put them at ease while they receive the best care and treatment available.